Meercat RiskView is now 100% aligned with the ISO 27002 Code of Practice

One of the decisions every Risk Manager has to make is, should we go for cloud-based risk management software or a hosted system?

A cloud-based risk management solution is cheaper, more flexible, more accessible. But is it as secure?

Yes! We are delighted to announce that our cloud-based hosting platform has been confirmed as operating in compliance with 35 global security standards. 35. Did you even know there were so many?

Working together with our Amazon Web Services supplier, Idea11, confirmation that all controls have been implemented and verified was received last week. In addition, continuous control monitoring is in place with real-time notifications activated, ensuring on-going compliance.

Managing Director, Alex Apostolou, said “Cyber Risk is top of mind for every Risk Manager. Ensuring that our system operates securely and reliably has been and will always be our top priority. While AWS is the gold standard for cloud-hosting, having our conformance to these standards recognised raises the bar even higher. This isn’t an end-point though, it’s a journey and we use the system to assess potential vulnerabilities and increase the effectiveness of our own security controls.”

AICPA SOC logo - Compliant

AICPA SOC2 and SOC3 TSPC9/9 in compliance: 100%

HPAA logo - Compliant

HIPAA9/9 in compliance: 100%

PCI DSS logo - Compliant

PCI DSS 3.226/26 in compliance: 100%

ISO logo

ISO 27002-201327/27 in compliance: 100%

AICPA logo

AICPA GAPP4/4 in compliance: 100%

ANSSI logo

ANSSI – 40 Measures 15/15 in complance: 100%

ACSC logo

Australian Essential 82/2 in compliance: 100%

ASD logo

Australian Top 3514/14 in compliance: 100%

COBIT logo

COBIT 54/4 in compliance: 100%

CSA logo

CSA CCM v322/22 in compliance: 100%


DHS CDM Program6/6 in compliance: 100%

FFIEC logo

FFIEC Booklet 20167/7 in compliance: 100%

FFIEC logo

FFIEC Booklet 20167/7 in compliance: 100%

FISMA logo

FY15 FISMA Metrics3/3 in compliance: 100%

IEC logo

IEC 62443-3-3-201329/29 in compliance: 100%

IRS logo

IRS Pub107511/11 in compliance: 100%

ITIL logo

ITIL 2011 KPIs1/1 in compliance: 100%


NERC CIP v513/13 in compliance: 100%


NERC CIP v613/13 in compliance: 100%


NERC CIP v713/13 in compliance: 100%

NIST logo

NIST 800-17149/49 in compliance: 100%

NIST logo

NIST 800-53 rev40/39 in compliance: 100%

NIST logo

NIST 800-82 rev29/9 in compliance: 100%

NIST logo

NIST Cybersecurity Framework23/23 in compliance: 100%

NIST logo

NIST SMB Guide7/7 in compliance: 100%

US NSA logo

NSA MNT8/8 in compliance: 100%

US NSA logo

NSA Top 104/4 in compliance: 100%


Saudi AMA5/5 in compliance: 100%

Saudi AMA5/5 in compliance: 100%

MAS logo

SG MAS TRM4/4 in compliance: 100%

VSG logo

Victorian PDSF v1.01/1 in compliance: 100%

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