Identify Risks
In the cloud

Meercat RiskView

Verify Controls
Capture & share results
From the field
In real-time


Simplify Hazard Studies

  • Meercat RiskView supports the full hazard study life-cycle ensuring you get maximum flexibility and efficiency before, during and after your study.

Risk Analysis Flexibility

  • Meercat RiskView lets you choose the level of analysis you want to perform, offering pictorial, qualitative, LOPA or semi-quantitative with full fault and event tree support, cutting costs dramatically.

Dashboards and Reporting

  • With any number of dashboards and a whole range of indicators and reporting options, Meercat RiskView eliminates double-handling of data. Get rid of Excel and still enjoy the flexibility.

Work Anywhere and Anytime

  • Work anywhere you like as Meercat RiskView runs in the cloud. Work on-line or off-line, your data is bank-secure in the Amazon Web Services environment.

Generate Bowties Instantly

  • Why start bowties from scratch when you can generate the from your study data. Cut costs and reduce boredom for more detailed analysis.

Master Bowties Cut Costs

  • With Meercat RiskView's Master Bowties you can slash costs when operating across multiple similar sites, align best practice and deliver unified Verifications.

Verify any Critical Control

  • Our Verification Wizard App will get everyone from the shop-floor to the Board performing Control verifications. It's fast, flexible, requires no training, and runs on-line or off-line on any device, and for any Critical Control: Admin, System or Engineering.

Track Actions

  • Make sure that actions get done with Meercat RiskView. You can log, track, escalate, notify and verify actions with flexible person or role-based workflow and integrate with 3rd party apps.

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Meercat RiskView is a cloud-based risk & assurance management system that delivers an integrated suite of best-practice tools to sustain business improvement for any sized enterprise

  • Manage and perform Hazard Studies (e.g. HAZOPs, HAZIDs or customise your own)
  • Generate Bowties from hazard studies
  • Bowtie analysis to any level of detail (e.g. Qualitative, SQRA & SIL)
  • Schedule Critical Control Verifications on any device
  • Control Verification results available instantly for analysis and response
  • Send, notify, escalate and track Actions
  • All data accessible to report, analyse and communicate
  • Generate Safety Case reporting documentation

Meercat RiskView is designed, developed and supported in Australia and used by amazing Clients and Partners around the world to support their risk and control management framework.


Andrew Cunningham
Risk and Projects Manager
Dyno Nobel Asia Pacific & Incitec Pivot Fertilisers

Incitec Pivot Logo
"The value of Meercat RiskView to our business increases daily. We started with bowties and are now doing control verifications from all over the world and seeing the results instantly. At every step of the way we've cut costs, improved engagement with the workforce and we know more about our risks and controls than ever."